mark moffat

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ezyFAQ is a hosted knowledge base and Helpdesk ticketing system where customers can easily search FAQs and lodge support tickets. With full customisation to add own styling and branding to seamlessly integrate ezyFAQ with an existing website.

expressCart is a powerful search based shopping cart written in Nodejs/Express. With custom templating, PayPal or Stripe payments, easy install with embedded or MongoDB database and much more.

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adminMongo is a web based admin interface for MongoDB connections. Written in Nodejs/Express/MongoDB, adminMongo can handle multiple connections, create/edit/delete databases, collections and documents and more.

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openKB is a markdown based open source Knowledge base application. openKB has a beautiful editor, responsive design, theme support, document versioning, charting and more.

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dailyJsPackages is your daily source of the latest NPM packages, author package stats, download stats and Nodejs jobs. New packages are Tweeted by the dailyJsPackages Twitter account.

myNotebook is an example cross-platform application built with Electron which can be used to take notes, edit Markdown text, create blog posts, keep screenshots and general diary updates.

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